Thursday, August 29, 2013

Commission Fast Start Scam Review

This review is, once again, judging a book by it's cover. However, from my experience there are definitely signs of deliberate deception, also based on the Terms & Conditions as well as the Disclaimer.

This scheme is 'signed' by someone called Justin James (who tells you right of the bat that "he is sick and tired of all the Lies and BS") and once the usual nonsensical video is over, you see in small print, that this scheme is limited to residents of the US, Canada, UK and Australia. I am not the sharpest knife in drawer, but why would that be? Especially since whoever signs up can insert their country as the legal jurisdiction of the T & C. Seems strange to me, but maybe that is just why the limitations are there. But it gets more interesting when you look at what has to say. The owner of the website is hiding their identity? The website's expected lifetime is only 1 year? The latter seems to confirm what Justin is stating to the effect that he "may not keep this website up much longer". And I always ask myself why people would need to hide their identity? My conclusion would be that they have an ulterior motive and it isn't a good one!

Since we don't know if Justin James is real or not, at least as depicted on the website, he is nice enough to let you know that "Every friend and family member that I shared Commission Fast Start with is now making money" and "Some are making more than others but they are all making extra money even while they are at their day jobs". Great! But how does that correlate with  "This is a new system, so there are no typical results. The company does not guarantee income or success, and examples of the product owner's and other person's results do not represent an indication of future success or earnings". To me that would indicate that your commissions just may not be off to as fast a start as you might be led to believe!

Lastly and most importantly, it certainly does seem not to be FREE after all (except for the sign-up of course) because Step 2 states that Justin "will take you to the order confirmation page." Sure, how else would he make any money from the start.

I may be off base here, but the misleading and deceptive approach taken by 'Justin' or whoever he/she may be behind this scheme does give me the impression that it is not what it is hyped to be. And who in their right mind would want to sign up or for that matter buy anything from a person who is obviously quite inept at presentation & marketing and on top not willing to truly identify themselves! And Justin doesn't seem to be too concerned about his Lies and BS!

This, to me, is a prime example of being able to become suspicious about a scheme, without even looking for any reviews!

Together with my wife, we are trying to expand the reviews but have reached the limits. With more than 20,000 readers in the meantime and the many positive feedbacks received, it is time to take this Blog to a higher level. Please have a look here and check if you can help support the effort! Thank you very much!

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  1. Dear Thomas, Thank you so much for your review.I just wish I would have read it before I purchase.I only looked it up after I got a little suspicious.I am so great-ful for people like you informing us of these scams.I wish there was a way to stress to all how important it is to investigate before they spend money.Its so sad that people like this will take an advantage of persons already having a hard time financially and looking for a way to supplement their income but ends up losing.Please continue the great work. G.Pope

  2. As I was reviewing the reviews on YouTube. The first thing I noticed was this line that I copied and pasted from the YouTube comments section. (This does not appears to be a scam to me.) The grammar is really bad. That says SCAM SCAM SCAM. Also when you hear one of the voices proclaiming its value, it is a person possibly from India. SCAM SCAM SCAM.

  3. I don't know if Justin James is real or not. How do you tell. G.Pope said that he paid for the system but doesn't say what went wrong. I've tried to find a review that tells me what happens with this system. It looks like you need to provide several elements on your own, i.e. autoresponder (aweber). If that's the case then nothing is free. I don't see how you've proved the scam aspect just by saying that you can't prove Justin is real or not. Any business needs people willing to work. You should find out what needs to be done, by you, and see if you can afford the time and money it takes to make it successful. Adding an s doesn't make it obvious that the writer is from India. Just let us know by actually using the system if it's a good investment or not.

  4. I am currently unemployed and receiving unemployment. it is not enough to even keep me afloat right now so I need to do something soon as my job search is not working out so well. I have bookmarked this page so I can come back and update what I find. I know on the video page here are several well known companies that have supposedly advertised this "system." I am going to first research that part and see if they have actually done that. I am going to pursue the program as well and see how it goes. There is a 60 day Money Back Guarantee but I'm sure it won't take me THAT long to figure out if it is truly a scam. I will update after all findings and let everyone know, first hand, what I find out.

  5. OK back with the results. I did not find anything directly relating any of the companies advertising the program. I found 1 posting that was from a FOX affiliate in Detroit.....that was all.
    I signed up for the program. Initially I almost decided to cancel it and tried to close the web page. I was automatically redirected back and the same offer was now $10 less. At this point I went ahead and signed up. Had I clicked one more time (found this out later), I could have gotten it for only $9.....interesting. So after setting thru over 2 hours of videos and setting up a web page and links to send all profits to my Paypal account, it was time to get the next to last piece of the system set up.
    This was a program to track and monitor all the "traffic" that was needed to control how the money was delivered to you. That was a $1 trial for the first month and then, the cheapest option, $19 a month after. I igned up for that with every intention of canceling before the month was over because at this point I suspected "BS."
    OK so the website was up, the program to get me the $ was set up and linked to the website and Paypal.
    Next there were 2 separate options that you HAD to set up in order to get the "traffic" coming to your website. Everything else set up pretty easily and a small part of me thought, "maybe this will work and may just be legit." But, the logical part of me knew better. So clicking on both options......monthly fees again and both were right at $30 per month. So at this point, if someone went thru with this, it would be about $80 per month in fees to keep other software working to get you money.
    At this point I stopped and closed all the web pages I had open and this morning, I called both places and canceled the accounts. I got the $27 refund and the $1 refund. This evening I received a call from a "coach" for the program asking how it was going. I told him I canceled because I could not afford $80 a month in fees while on unemployment with the hopes that the "traffic" would be enough to cover my expenses and MAYBE get a profit. He tried to come off with some BS logic that you have to spend money to make money. I responded that you have to have money to spend money to make money.
    Bottom line, I can't say for sure that it works or it doesn't work. But I am not in the position to pay out $80 in monthly fees that may or may not get me a good profit.
    And there is my personal report on the program. Good Luck!

    1. Good on you there's always something on the next page and it's always more money, I have enjoyed this review and thank you to the writers of this blog we need people like you on the net, I have been online for 5 years and do ok, one thing I would say and always do myself is when you see these system always check for reviews like this one or just Google it before you pay any body any money, good luck I hope you find what your looking for.

    2. Very interesting i went through the same thing now I can not even log inn to get my money back and i can not find anyphonenumber to talk to somebody can you please help me with this to get a phonenumber to talk to somebody at commssion fast start thnaks

    3. I always examine thoroughly all the emails 50-100 a day - all the proposed business's on line... and yet to find but a couple that are honest - don't cost much... a good testimony and the means to pay forward once success is obtained. Only a slim few opportunities provide such mean to remunerate on line. These Anonymous comments of sites reviewed, discovered are very helpful. I won't shell out my credit card (did this 5 times..and got my money back) But, I won't do this again...until I know who the originator is, who created the scheme, is it real...and is there a good support team with social networks...these are the ones that work. Takes an effort and a bit of time...but there is no reason to shell out money again and most are very clever MLM business's for only those at the top. They all have clever responses...but the bottom much money will it ultimately cost? Keep your thoughts...and remember.. "Every Sale has five basic obstacles: no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust.... Don't trust anyone without getting the facts! The absolute Truth!

  6. Wow! Good for you!That was an excellent review. That is what I call a point blank review. Thanks sooo much. It took me so long to find an honest, clear concise answer. I am also wondering if you have found anything legit, low cost that you can recommend.

  7. These comments do not fall under the selected titles except anonymous.
    Since I see anonymous on a few of the earlier comments, may I use the title

    I, too, get caught up in these "shiny objects' all too quickly. I think I have been scammed too many times to count. Here is what irritates me:

    First, those sales letters drag on for the better part of an hour, with no way to escape except power down the computer. Should one decide to buy in, it takes the better part of the day to follow instructions and sign in. Shouldn't be!

    Second, while the sales letter sounds like a ticket to comfortable living, there is something more on page two, and then page three. Before you know it, you are soaked for $500.

    As you listen to the page two we hear things that make us think the original offer can't stand alone. Then page three leads us to think the original offer and page two can't stand without the offer of page three.

    Once you have decided you don't want the product for whatever reason, looking for a name and email address is worse than looking for a needle in a haystack.

    Third these bozos are clever at hiding their return address. Just like Anonymous said. They are great at acknowledging the purchase, and on each acknowledgement there is a From Address, but it will not work.

    It is my humble opinion that the bozos are hiding until the warranty, guarantee, or whatever they call the limited number of days runs out, or we get so ticked that we stop trying to get a refund.

    There ought to be a law, like the bozos' T&C that will not post their sales pitch unless it comes with a working email and telephone number.l

    I tried to cancel and get a refund from Commission Fast Start yesterday, but every email address I could find went nowhere. Even the one the instant response provided does not work. I did, however find a telephone number: 925-298-6934. I dialed it this morning and got an answer to call back during normal business hours, but the message failed to state what the normal business hours are.

    I wish you luck.